The Creative of Smart Skincare Strategy to Boost Sales Targets during COVID-19

SASC released Smart Skincare for brand product innovation. With the creative exploration, we expanded the target market for skincare enthusiasts and increased sales targets among sustainable brands surviving COVID-19.
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Jakarta, Indonesia


Socially Aware Sexy Cosmetics, aka SASC, a thriving local cosmetic brand company with a modern and elegant brand image, has successfully collaborated with Indonesian artists such as Raisa Adriana, Titan Tyra, Marsha Aruan, and many more.

With solid experience, a reputation in the cosmetics industry, and a commitment to producing high-quality and safety, SASC continuously expands its market reach and increases its brand awareness. After doing research for two years, We, with this brand’s research and development team, have launched a new product in their skincare line, designed by combining the latest science and technology to provide the best benefits for the skin.

The Challenge

The transition from price comparison application to to-do list application.
Developing branding and communication strategies to reintroduce productive habits for writing to-do lists.
How to be different and change the conventions of the many Todolist applications well-known and used by many people.
Provide creative and collaborative space with the community or colleagues on one platform.
Facilitate user flow within the platform to develop self-potential and productivity.


We created a SMART SKINCARE creative campaign to achieve all objectives that cover all 360 strategies—starting with breaking down all USPs in product variants in cooperation with Product Development. We conceptualized the branding of design packaging products up to the characters displayed to the media. We collaborated with the Sales Department to manage distribution and creative POS.

We organized a digital marketing team to optimize every social media channel, marketplace, email marketing and assess ROI & KPIs. We supervised quality control for production value, brands & KOL activation campaigns. We achieved the first 12B revenue on pandemics through the 360 campaign on all online credentials.

Increased Revenue
Weekly Impressions
Engagement Rate

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